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Direct child labour complaints to 1929 - NCPA

Direct child labour complaints to 1929 - NCPA

June 11, 2011  05:08 pm

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The use of child labour in the country has very much decreased in contrast to the decade of the 90s, the National Child Protection Authority states. It is essential to boycott child labour in order to safeguard the children’s world, said Anoma Dissanayake, Chairperson of the NCPA.

Pointing out that the highest number of child labour cases are being reported from the South Asian region, she stated that “the public’s assistance in vital to eradicate child labour from this country.”

The National Child Protection Authority issuing a release for ‘World Day Against Child Labour,’ which falls tomorrow (June 12), requests the public to inform of any child labour taking place at any location by contacting the Authority on the hotline: 1929.