About Us

In the highly competitive news broadcasting space, Derana has built probably the most unbiased and comprehensive news property on offer "Ada Derana" - with a news team of 100 people geared to deliver the most accurate and timely information. Ada Derana To be the number one News brand among Sri Lankans in terms of loyalty by reaching them through every possible opportunity in late 2007, Ada Derana entered into a partnership with Dialog Telekom, the largest mobile phone operator in Sri Lanka, to send breaking news alerts to all Dialog mobile subscribers as Short Text Messages (SMS). Currently, instant news alerts can be obtained through all the leading operators.

Today, Ada Derana is characterised by its availability across delivery channels such as Television, Radio, Web, SMS alerts, IVR, Video Alerts, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In most of these forms, Ada Derana is available on a multilingual platform providing greater accessibility to consumers both in Sri Lanka and across the world. The style of the news property has been customized to suit each of the delivery media, taking note of the nature of consumption.


The showpiece of the Ada Derana news property is the www.adaderana.lk web portal which is ranked the Number One news site used by Sri Lankans; analysis shows that surfers spend more time on the site than they do on that of the nearest competitor. Available in Sinhala, Tamil and English, the site facilitates two way viewer generation by offering consumers an interactive platform to comment on the latest stories and interact with the Ada Derana community, and by allowing viewers to file in their own news reports through Newsdesk - My Report.

  • Ada Derana, the premium news property, walked away with the SLIM Brand Excellence silver award for the Most Innovative Brand of the Year at the awards ceremony held recently. The award was due recognition for Ada Derana's drive to become a leading news provider by strategically innovating its distribution and delivery. Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) is the nation body of marketing in Sri Lanka.

  • Ada Derana has been recognized by ICTA as the Best e-Content Application among e-News providers in Sri Lanka. www.adaderana.lk was recognized for its tri-lingual presentation of news to readers in Sri Lanka and overseas. The award was presented at the e-Swabimani awards 2010 organised by ICTA at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel on 9 November 2010. The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka is the single apex body involved in ICT policy and direction for the nation. Wholly owned by the Government of Sri Lanka, ICTA is the implementing organization of the e-Sri Lanka Initiative. Major donors including the World Bank will be funding a number of the Agency's initiatives.

  • www.adaderana.lk won the silver award at the "The most Popular Web Competition 2010" organized by the Sri lanka Domen registry. This is the only award ceremony in Sri Lanka dedicated for web sites.

  • Ada Derana won the Manthan Award South Asia 2010 in the e-News & Media category. The Manthan Award given by the Department of Information Technology of India recognizes and rewards the best e-content from eight countries in the South Asian region.Ada Derana has the distinction of being the only Sri Lankan website among four finalists in the e-News & Media category this year; the other three finalists represent India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  • Ada Derana was awarded the Global Understanding for Sustainable Development Award for 2016 for its successful implementation and promotion of the most comprehensive 24 x 7 news portal in Sri Lanka.