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The Esala Kandy Perahera goes live

The Esala Kandy Perahera goes live

August 7, 2011  11:08 am

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Summary - The Esala Kandy Perahera is being livestreamed online via the Sri Dalada Maligawa Website.


For the first time the Esala Kandy Perahera is being streamed live online throughout the whole Perahera week. This amazing and awe inspiring tradition that defines part of our Sri Lankan culture has taken to the online realms where every single person in the world now has the opportunity to experience it. The livestream which will be starting at 6:55 PM each day can be found on the official website here.

On a different but related note, this endeavour along with Sri Dalada Maligawa’s establishment of a very active social media presence, both on Facebook and Twitter, shows yet again just how important this medium of news has become in current society. Even though the Perahera can still be watched via normal Television I personally will be watching it via the live webcast this time simply because of the ease in communication with my peers that it will provide. By splitting my screen to show both the livestream as well as my Twitter stream I can engage in live discussion with my peers (or in this case, “tweeps”) in a natural manner that would not have been possible had I been watching through standard Television. This itself would ideally be much easier if the platform chosen for livestreaming had been one with more utility such as UStream but that’s just a minor nitpick that can be worked around easily enough.

Are you on Twitter? Join the discussion today using the hashtag #KandyPerehara while watching the livestream

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