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Diamond swallowed by Chinese man was fake - Police

Diamond swallowed by Chinese man was fake - Police

September 11, 2012  05:43 pm

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A Chinese man accused of swallowing a diamond worth Rs. 1.8 million at a gem show in Colombo actually ingested a fake stone in an elaborate bluff to allow the real thief to escape, police said today.

Detectives discovered the ruse after waiting until the man, 32, passed the fake stone that he had swallowed at the Facets Sri Lanka annual jewellery exhibition in Colombo last week.

The man with the real stone vanished while all the attention was on the man who was seen swallowing a stone that turned out to be fake, police spokesman SP Ajith Rohana said.

Investigations are now underway to track down the accomplice and recover the stolen diamond.

Police said the man appeared to swallow a tiny 1.5-carat diamond - creating a distraction as the stall owner shouted to nearby police who arrested him.