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ACJU condemns attacks on Buddhist monks

ACJU condemns attacks on Buddhist monks

March 21, 2013  01:34 pm

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All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) today condemned the “inhuman act” of attacking innocent Buddhist Monks in Tamil Nadu recently and stressed that it was the Indian government’s responsibility to protect religious dignitaries.

“They visit India mostly on pilgrimage or for further studies. It is the responsibility of the Indian government to give due protection to the religious dignitaries, irrespective of any religion, visiting India,” the ACJU said in a statement released today.
“All religions encourage respecting other religions, the holy places of other religions, the people of other religions, and especially the religious dignitaries of other religions,” the council of Muslim theologians in Sri Lanka said.

ACJU further requested the Indian government to bring the offenders for prosecution “as fast as possible” to erase the damage caused.