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VIDEO: KP in action

VIDEO: KP in action

August 5, 2010  11:58 am

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The first video of Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP surfaced today where he is filmed in Vavuniya allegedly with a foreign delegation of Tamils on June 23. Tamil CNN website today published these visuals in a rare glimpse into the still illusive KP whom both local and international sources claim is bridging the gap between the Tamil Diaspora and the Government.


According to the legal provisions of the country any offender if he is cooperating with the government could be used as a witness and given amnesty, Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said on July 29. He said this when queried on the legal background of the arrest and detention behind former LTTE arms procurer Kumaran Pathmnanathan alias KP. However Keheliya stated that he is not implying that this could happen in the case of KP.