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VIDEO:Ranjan threatens Dilka over Derana 360 programme

VIDEO:Ranjan threatens Dilka over Derana 360 programme

August 30, 2010  12:40 pm

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TV Derana’s 360 programme presenter Dilka Samanmali has been threatened with harm and disrepute to her life following last week’s programme featuring Ratnapura District United National Party (UNP) Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake.

Mr. Ramanayake has allegedly called Ms. Samanmali’s parents over the phone and accused her of causing disrepute to him over the programme. He had also allegedly told the parents that harm may befall their daughter.

Similar to him (Ramanayake) having adversaries in politics, Ms. Samanmali too has adversaries within the media circle. He would make use of these media people to cause disrepute to her, Ranjan Ramanayake had allegedly said.

Popular actor turned politician, Ranjan Ramanayake was the guest on TV Derana’s 360 programme last Monday (August 23). This was his third appearance over this popular programme where the host asks direct questions from the guest.

Since this was Mr. Ramanayake’s third appearance, he would have known the types of questions that would be posed to him.

When a question regarding a female teacher from a Kandy school who had alleged that Mr. Ramanayake owed her a huge sum of money, was asked he explained the details from his (Mr. Ramanayake’s) view point, which was also telecast live over the programme.

However, as a follow-up to the story, TV Derana interviewed the principal of the said school in Kandy and telecast the visual on its main news bulletin on Sunday (August 29). The principal however refuted the statement of Mr. Ramanayake and denied any such incidents involving the school as pointed out by Mr. Ramanayake.