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Raigam Telees - The Nations Tele Awards

Raigam Telees - The Nations Tele Awards

January 18, 2012  02:39 pm

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The 8th Raigam Telees will be held at the Waters Edge on the evening of 11th May 2012.

Eight years is a long time, for its organizers - a long experience, for award recipients - a big hope! To hold an award ceremony for at the highest level for eight consecutive years is clear victory over many challenges. While sharing that happiness and strength with the media and general public, we gladly accept the onerous challenge of organizing the national tele-awards ceremony to encompass the whole of the tele-media.



Something remains valuable only if it evolves while maintaining its values. If awards winners come in a queue just to receive the awards that are given for the sake of awarding someone, that award ceremony will generate no interest. Audience will have no enthusiasm. That is the reason why in many awards ceremonies audience applause for award winners is markedly unenthusiastic. This must be the reason why AIFA Awards Ceremony became so popular.



Eight years ago, Raigam Tele-awards ceremony started as an awards ceremony for the tele-drama industry and became their crowning event. Raigam Tele awards Ceremony that honored senior artists, tele-drama talent and Viewer-expectations every year, through different categories has now become Raigam Telees. It is with the idea of taking Raigam Telees to the level of GRAMMY or FILM FARE that we have re branded Raigam Tele-awards as RAIGAM TELEES. From now on let us talk about Raigam Telees.



Raigam Telees covers all sectors of the Television media. It includes tele-drama as well as Sports, Childrens, Political, News, Documentary, Reality and many other programmes not forgetting technical sectors too. Raigam Telees considers awards only for talents that can be considered at national level. There is a set norm for the awarding of Raigam Telees. Therefore, Raigam Telees is the National Tele Awards. There are many sectors for which Raigam Telees present awards.



Tele drama Excellence


Although the coverage of Raigam Telees has been broadened, the Raigam Telees Secretariat has decided to keep the number of awards to tele drama catagory unchanged from last year. Accordingly, this year too there will be awards for years best Creative, Acting ,Singing and Technical Talents and Multi Episode tele-drama and single episode tele-drama.



Television Media Excellence.


Although the most popular TV Programme is Tele-drama, most TV time is taken up by other different programmes. The responsibility of the TV media is also to provide education, entertainment and keeping the audience updated. It is the most powerful introductory tool of the era. Therefore with the hope of developing the technical and creative talents to provide better TV fare for the general public to develop their mind and tastes, awards will be presented to best efforts in News Reporting, News Reading, Current Affaires, Educational, Childrens, Musical, Reality and Political Programmes.



This year, separate awards will be presented for sinhala, English and Tamil medium under news reading and programme presenter catagories.



Popular awards


This year too, as in the past, Most Popular Tele-Drama, Actress and Actor, will be selected by the Peoples jury. Tele-drama is enjoyed by the public, whatever said and done, a tele-drama will be successful only if it is accepted by the public. The Tele-dramatist should firmly keep this in mind. Low grade tele-dramas that are churned out for the sole purpose of popularity will not necessarily be accepted by the public with open arms. For this expressed purpose the popular actors and actresses will be selected enabling the public to express their hearts desire.



Raigam pioneered the introduction of the SMS to select the winners of popular - awards.

This time too they will get the chance to use SMS to select their choice of the most popular actor, actress and tele-drama. To register ones choice, one has to type name of Teledrama, space, name of Actor/ Actress and send to 0772-522522 between 01.04.2012 and 09.05.2012. Two tickets each to enjoy the Raigam Telees will be presented to 25 lucky people selected from those who send in SMS. These winners will be notified through the same SMS number. The printed invitation can be obtained from the Raigam Telees Secretariat on presentation of this SMS.



Awards of Appreciation


Honouring the pioneers and artists who worked hard for development of the television sector is one of the special events of Raigam Telees. Some of the personalities already honoured through this segment are Rohana Weerasinghe, Somaweera Senanayka, House of Maliban, G.R.Perera, Sunil Rathnayake, Signis Lanka, Ceylinco Group, Nalan Mendis, Murrie Samarasinghe, G.H.Jayawardene, Daya Alwis, Nanda Malini, K.N. Gunawardene, Iranganie Serasinghe, Bandula Vithanage, Nanda Jayamanne, Milton Perera, Sumathi Awards & TV Channels .



Prathibha Parabha Award was introduced in 2007 which is a once in a life time award. The personages thus honoured so far are Dr. D.B.Nihalsinghe, Shan Wickramasinghe, Kalashoori Titus Thotawatta, Kalashoori Sathischandra Edirisighnhe and Lucion Bulathsinhala .

The TV Channel that wins the most number of awards will be crowned the TV Channel of the Year.



Awards Ceremony


The award ceremony is organized in the most glorious fashion while preserving the dignity of the ceremony and the it receives state patronage in no small measure. This night, when heads of TV Channels and everybody else connected to television industry meets with each other, will be a memorable night indeed. Only the invitees will be able to witness the show live. Later the show will be telecast when everyone will be able to see the show.



The Jury



The judge panel consists of seven members and most of them have previous experience in simillar panels. The chairman of the panel of Judges will be Professor Patrick Rathnayake & other Jury Members are Professor Ajantha Hapuarachchi, Professor Sampath Amarathunge, Visharada Edward Jayakody,Senior Lecturer Hansamala Ritigahapola, Renown artist Buddhadasa Galappaththi & Retired Senior Administrative Officer R. Dharmakulasingham.


Acceptance of entries.


The last day for accepting applications for Raigam Telees will be the 31st of January 2012. Details and application forms can be obtained from the Raigam Telees Secretariat and from all TV channels.



Creations eligible to be represented at the Awards Ceremony will be as follows.


1. Tele-drama. - Local teledramas that had telecast the last episodein 2011.

2. Other creations Should have been telecast during 2011 through any local TV channel.

3. Any productions telecast over cable TV or any other paid channel or any dubbed productions are not eligible to be for the Awards ceremony.

4. News readers and programme presenters may apply through the TV Channel or independently.



Strategic Partner


For Raigam Telees 2011, Sampath Bank is the strategic Partner. Pioneer in technical innovative banking, Sampath Bank is a very responsible corporate citizen.



Partner in the New Vision


Dazzling has joined the Raigam Telees as partner in our new vision. The all new, revolutionary Dazzling cosmetic products beatify the new generation with the goodness of nature using the latest technologies.



Raigam Telees ushers in a special era in the saga of tele awards in Sri Lanka. To bring this good news to the general public, Raigam Telees earnestly look forward to the unstinted support of the print, electronic and TV media