Epitom Cosulting introduces corporate training courses

Epitom Cosulting introduces corporate training courses

February 28, 2012  09:51 am

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As a growing innovative corporate training body, Epitom Consulting is to embark on its latest project in the field of corporate training, the company revealed recently. Having already proved its relevance and capabilities in conducting public and in-house workshops, Epitom is now set to start in-depth corporate training courses. Targeting professional development, these courses are designed as classroom lectures with practical sessions. The lectures will be conducted by industry experts.

According to Epitom Consulting, the initial batch will start lectures on 10th March 2012, which includes courses in eMarketing, Advanced Business Writing and Accounting for Managers.

Certificate in e-Marketing aims to bring the students up to date with the modern e-Marketing trends which would ensure success in their careers.

The Advanced Business Writing course will guide student on producing professionally written communiqus. 

The Accounting for Managers course reveals the link between efficient management and numbers which will help students climb the corporate ladder.

The classes will be held during weekends at 484, Havelock Road, Colombo 06.

Epitom is always confident of delivering exceptional services to its clients. The in-depth corporate training courses are no exception as they aim to deliver excellent value and knowledge to the students. Call 0774 301 974 for further details.