Epitom Consulting - Career guidance Programme

Epitom Consulting - Career guidance Programme

April 3, 2012  05:04 pm

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Epitom Consulting conducted a Career Guidance Programme on 1st April, 2012 at the Auditorium of the OPA Building.  This was held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  The main purpose of this programme was to help the school leavers, freshers and  undergraduates who will be entering the corporate sector.  The programme was totally free  and no charges were levied. Three topics were discussed such as Grooming and Etiquette (Attire), Positive Attitude at Workplace and Time Management (Managing work and Studies).  Participants were well satisfied and some of the Feedbacks of the participants are given below: 


1.       First I want to say BIG THANK YOU!! For the organizers and the Epitom Consulting for making a priceless opportunity available for youth and individuals who seek doors to find their fortune and be successful in their career and in education.

The session was a very inspiring and a very useful one.  I am sure the knowledge I gained through this session is going to make a huge difference.  I am sure it will be the same as me for the other participants.

The trainers and the arrangements were quite good, can given an A definitely for the presentations conducted by Mr. Kumar and Prassana.Thank you very much for the opportunity provided.Hoping to be part in same sort of a session in future. Shameed


2.       It is a vital chance for me to attend this event with an heavy motivational thoughts specially who are in the beginning stage to achieve and target their future performance.  It clears the thought to be success and to enhance our future life in a beautiful way and mannerism.

It helped me to choose the correct target for my future studies and to find and capitalize upon my strength.  Thank you very much for a such a beautiful organized event.

3.       It was awesome.  Seriously no one taught me or advised me on  personal grooming and thanks to Shehan.  I would say Ragulan to keep on doing CSR programmes on Facebook or Twitter.Thanks a lot.

4.       Yep.  So interesting and I found how I was before and how I will be in future.  Gave a good impression.  Personal grooming session taught me how to dress up and how to display myself in front of others.  Hope I will be well groomed person hereafter.  So, please do more programmes like this to groom our dynamic youngster society.

5.       I think this is a very interesting session.  I am not disappointed on spending the first day of the April with your firm.  But I think if you could allocate more time on this, it would be great. Doesnt matter whether you charge some amount.  Talking about the speakers, they were also very good.  Specially, Mr. Pathmanathan gave me a good inspiration and Mr. Shehan also came up with very valuables  tips.  Keep doing well guys.

6.       I am highly excited by Mr. Prasannas words.  This programme is really useful to me and I didnt expect this much quality for a free service,  I wish Epitom Consulting for success and a bigger future.  Vimalathithan, Asst. Manager, Board lf Architectural Education, Sri Lanka Institute of Architecture.


7.       It was simply  Awesome.  Wordless to explain. Learnt a lot and surely will take into life.  Just like Shehan said, this Definitely is going to be the turning point of my life.  Also, loved the video clips and inspirational  thoughts by Mr. Prassana.  Hoping to participate in more workshops and seminars.  Amna


8.       It is a very interesting programme which taught us many things in the corporate world and how we should do in order to reach the peak.  The speeches taught us a lot on personal grooming and positive attitudes that we should have with us.  Since I am just after A/L (2011 A/L) and I think this will help me a lot when I seek a job and in achieving my dreams.  Thank You Buddhadasa.


9.       It was a successful programme.  Personally for myself I have learnt many things.  This occasion will make a huge impact in my life as well as my professional  career.  May all the power and capability will be with Epitom Consulting group to take off more and more huge events.  Thank you all for this opportunity.  God bless and success will rejoice with Epitom Consultancy Service.  G. Fernando


10.   Actually, this is very good programme and first of all we should be thankful to Epitom Consulting for organizing this.  During last 4 years I experienced some failures in my life.  But now I am back on the right track and now I know what I want to be and this programme helped me to strengthen my present attitudes.  So, thank you very much.

 Based upon the positive feedback received Epitom will be conducting such workshops in other parts of the island as well, in the near future.