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Green Turbine School energy conservation programme launched

Green Turbine School energy conservation programme launched

September 21, 2012  04:52 pm

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+ 1,500 National and Semi-Government schools selected for 1st phase of the programme

+ Hotlines for the programme: 07 1910 1910 or 07 1901 1901

The Ministry of Power & Energy, the Ministry of Education along with the National Mobile Service Provider, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel today, launched the Green Turbine School Energy Conservation programme. Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardena and Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel Lalith De Silva were present at the launch ceremony.

Minister Ranawaka, addressing the gathering at the launch stated, We launched a programme in March along with the support of government and private organizations.  We had over 2mn consumers participating, out of a consumer base of 4.7mn. Encouragingly, they did it out of their own free will. In 3 months, we had saved 95 GWH. If we had continued this programme for a year, we would have saved an estimated 400 GWH which is equal to the capacity of the Victoria Dam. The Minister explained further about the importance of creating awareness among children about conserving electricity, and said that this would be the best method towards engaging their families towards this cause as well. This programme will indirectly target over 1mn consumers, utilizing over 120 units of electricity.

This programme is the 2nd phase of the national energy conservation programme Heta Wenuwen Ada (Today for Tomorrow) which was launched in March earlier this year. The programme consists of a competition, which is open to all school children, encouraging them to conserve electricity at home and win valuable educational prizes.

This programme is a great national effort. The mechanism of the programme is also genius, in the method it is designed to appeal to school children, awaken the need to conserve electricity and encourage them to create awareness amongst their families and friends as well, said Minister Gunawardena. The Minister further stated that he was looking into including a few questions with regards to energy conservation into the three main school examinations.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mr. Lalith De Silva, Chief Executive Officer, Mobitel said, Electricity conservation has become such a prevalent issue in Sri Lanka, and it must be addressed at all levels. It is important that the younger generation be made aware of the importance of such an issue. We are committed to going above our call of being the National Mobile Service Provider, to take every step possible towards making this programme a successful one.We need to build a generation with a keen understanding on energy conservation, and this is just the first step.

The 1st phase of Heta Wenuwen Ada, concluded recently, was extremely successful, witnessing a participation of 1.9mn consumers, recording a saving of 84GWH (Gigawatt Hour) which would otherwise have meant a cost of Rs. 433mn to the national grid to generate via fuel energy.

The details of the recently launched competition, entry forms and informational leaflets have all been circulated amongst principals of schools across the country via the Ministry of Education.

Queries regarding this competition can be directed to the following special numbers assigned by Mobitel: 071 910910 or 071 901901. Information is also available on the Ministry of Power & Energys website:

School principals or their representatives can contact the Ministry of Power & Energy regarding this programme on 071 8622211.