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Dont miss a second of TV with Mobitels Rewind TV

Dont miss a second of TV with Mobitels Rewind TV

October 16, 2012  10:34 pm

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For the first time in Sri Lanka, the National Mobile Service Provider, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel has developed new technology to change how viewers watch TV. While most technology available to view TV on mobile devices is still growing, Mobitels mobile TV app offers a unique feature: the ability to rewind and catch-up on missed television programmes also referred to as Rewind TV.

The newly introduced app offers 24-hours of catching up on television programmes derived from content libraries of all local TV channels and a number of digital channels all of which can be viewed on your mobile phone. TV can now be viewed in high quality, and the service will be made available as part of a phone and internet package.

This easy-to-use app, works seamlessly to combine both live TV and Rewind TV all in the palm of your hand. The app, developed by Mobitel is targeted at consumers who increasingly want to use their mobile devices not merely as interactive companions to supplement their TV viewing experience, but as a primary device to consume TV. Mobitel is the only mobile service provider to offer Rewind TV via a mobile application.

With the introduction of Rewind TV via a mobile TV app on Mobitel, the National Mobile Service Provider continues to lead and inspire, creating new and innovative services in the industry. Being both the inspiration and catalyst of the ICT industry in Sri Lanka, Mobitel continues to work towards achieving the Governments ICT goals making Sri Lanka the ICT hub in South Asia.