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 ‘Healing Journey’ gives Sri Lanka’s medical tourism a new lease of life

‘Healing Journey’ gives Sri Lanka’s medical tourism a new lease of life

January 11, 2013  05:22 pm

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Colombo, January 2013: ‘Healing Journey’ (, a new Sri Lankan healthcare tourism company announced plans to provide medical tourism services to visitors seeking safe, effective and personalised medical care, with specific programs meticulously designed to attract patients from all over the world.

“We offer the best of international health care, individualised services and an opportunity to experience an exotic travel destination while one undertakes a journey of healing,” said Director of the Company, Sanjaya Padmaperuma.

The partners in its network of hospitals boast of internationally advanced medical travel facilities and the very best of health care professionals drawn from Sri Lanka and around the world. All medical programs are crafted to adhere to international standards of modern medical care and modern facilities which reflect the latest advances in medical treatment.

Padmaperuma said that medical tourism or health travel has gained acceptance as a real solution to the high cost of healthcare in the United States and other parts of the developed world. “Medical tourism is the choice a patient makes to travel outside one’s area of residence to obtain medical treatment and health care. For individuals without insurance or those needing medical procedures that insurance may not cover, medical tourism offers an attractive alternative to rising healthcare costs”.

Traditionally, medical tourism has been associated with elective procedures such as cosmetic dental and plastic surgery. Over the last few years however, non-elective procedures such as knee and hip replacements, cardiac procedures and neurosurgery have been rapidly gaining ground.

Asian nations have taken the lead in marketing their hospitals and countries to this new wave of medical tourists. These countries, including Sri Lanka have begun to successfully attract patients from all over the world with enticing offers of cheaper prices, shorter flights and cutting edge technology.

“Getting the best medical care is easy when you have a team of doctors, supported by high calibre nursing professionals and paramedical staff focused on you and your health. The clinical departments attached to our partner hospitals offer a wide menu of primary care, medical and surgical specialties. High quality medical practitioners with a vast array of expertise and a collaborative, multi–disciplinary approach leads to improved coordination, efficiency, and personalised patient care”, Padmaperuma added.

Healing Journey works with Sri Lanka’s world-class hospitals and treatment facilities to offer international patients the best of medical care. These state-of-the-art facilities will cater to a patient’s every need, taking care of not only your medical needs but also your every comfort throughout the duration of your stay.

“Our international patient care begins before one’s arrival in Sri Lanka and lasts throughout one’s stay in the country for treatment and healing. Healing Journey is committed to assisting overseas patients with travel and accommodation arrangements, appointments, transportation, language-interpretation services and other administrative details to make the trip as seamless as possible”, Padmaperuma concluded.

Photo caption: Seated at the head table (from left) Dr. Ruwan Senatilleke (Manager – Medical Services – Durdans Hospital), Mr. Sanjaya Padmaperuma (Director, Healing Journey) and Mr. Suren Ediriweera (Managing Director, Ceylon Tours)